Hey guys, it's been a long time.Today, i want to share with you HOW I GOT 1,100 OR MORE 2GO CREDIT on my 2go mobile messenger app...hope you are not doubting?...dont letz waste time..lets go straight to the gift i av for u...just follow me STEPS INVOLVED 
1. Log in into your 2go Account. 
2. Go to your profile, 
3. go to edit scroll down 
4.you will see "get 2go credit" click it.
 5. AFTER CLICKING IT, you wil see 300 gocredit (30NGN) 550 gocredit(50NGN) AND 1,100 gocredit (100NGN) 

1. Now here is the main gist on how to get your 1,100 2go credit, just apply this trick, go to 1,100 2go credit for 100NGN then you will see "send text message", just press N0 
2. then go back to get 300 go credit for (30NGN) Then click it and press allow to send text message. 


1. After d steps above, then check your 2go credit in your profile it wil be 1,100 PLS NOTE: ds new trick only gets you 1,100 or more 2go credit with just N50 or N150.depending on the way you do it. THAT WILL BE ALL FOR NOW. 

MY 2GO USERNAME=jekoyemi 
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Anonymous said... September 11, 2012 at 11:56 AM

wow i like wat im seeing and learnig.. i would realy like to know more.


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