For some reasons you might have to cancel an already sent friend request on fb.The reasons migth include: sending a friend request to someone accidently or you initially sent a friend request to someone you knew and he/she refuses to confirm the request. am sure you know or you might not know that facebook bans user from sending friend requests if too many of them where not confirmed, and am quite sure you wouldn’t want to find yourself in such suitation.
In other to prevent your account from been banned, you need to be conscious of the people you send friend requests so that incase you find out that they didnt accept your request, you can cancel it.. Isn’t that Nice?

PLS NOTE:Normally, this can only be done by logging into your fb account on a pc.. Now , don't let's waste time.. straight to the point..

How do I cancel sent friend requests On computer? am sure dtz on your mind
-Log in to your fb account on a pc,
-View the profile th person you’ve sent a friend request to
-Scroll down to the end of the page, at the left side, you will see "cancel friend request"\
-click on it and you are done. AS SIMPLE AS THAT...TRUST ME
To confirm this, look at the person’s page and you will see ‘add as friend’

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