Most 2go users always ask how they can increase their 2go progress star in days. Though 2go star can be increased within a short period of time easily by adopting a simple trick. 
As you all know, that on 2go, there are various star levels which any one can attain. The star progress levels are: Novice >> Amateur >> Senior >> Enthusiast >> Professional >> Expert >> Leader >> Veteran >> Master.
If you wish to increase your 2go star, then you need to follow the steps explained below:
1. Stay on 2go for longer hours, this can be done by leaving your 2go online before you sleep in the evening till the following day and
2. you can also do that to in the afternoon when you’re busy.
3. Make it a duty to always update your status frequently. Always enter and chat in 2go rooms.

If you follow the step outlined above carefully for a week, you will see changes in your 2go star.

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tessy said... September 3, 2012 at 9:20 PM

am very glad 2 ere dat.and u 4get 2 ad dis...stayin away and uplodin picx also bust d 2go stars.


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