Today, i want to tell you how you can underline and bold text in facebook chat.
Now,the question is ' Why do i have to bold and underline text in facebook chat?'. It's always great to be able to underline and bold text to emphasize it.You can...
Its always great to be able to underline and bold text to emphasize it. You can easily do it inside Facebook chat,

  • To write bold text in Facebook chat, just wrap it inside asterisks(*). Thus *I will always visit this blog* will display, I will always visit this blog
  • To underline text in Facebook chat, enclose it in underscores (_). Thus _I like this blog _ will display     I like this blog.

Now you must be thinking how to write italic text in Facebook chat?, But unfortunately, its not possible to italic text in Facebook chat at this time of publishing this post. I’ll update this post as soon as this feature is available on facebook chat.Also,
watch out for my next post on where to freely download all needed utilities, antivirus,games, software e.t.c on your PC

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