The computer Keyboard was inventor by C. L. Sholes.He put together the prototypes of the first commercial typewriter in a Milwaukee machine shop back in the 1860's."
These days,it is interesting to use keyboard shortcut keys as it makes you to do a great deal of work in a twinkle of an eye.
...Apart from the fact that knowing the keyboard shortcuts saves time and money, it also make copmputing as a whole to be stress-free . Based on this i have painstakingly compiled a list of the shortcut keys i know for you...Let's go

-pressing the Ctrl key while clicking allows multiple selections. Holding the Ctrl key down and pressing other key combinations will initiate different actions. Some of the more common ones are listed below.

Ctrl + A- Select All items
Ctrl + B- Add or remove Bold formatting

Ctrl + C- Copy, places the selected/highlighted copy on the clipboard.

Ctrl + C + C- Opens the clipboard.

Ctrl + F- Opens the Find what: dialog box. used for searching references on web pages using your favorite web browser.

Ctrl + H- brings out the Find and Replace dialog box while working in html views like dreamweaver,frontpage e.t.c. You can also use this to find and replace content within Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, etc...

Ctrl + I- to add or remove Italics formatting, to or from selected /highlighted texts in microsoft word,corel draw,

Ctrl+J- to justify selected text in publishing programs like microsoft word

Ctrl + N- opens a New Window In Internet Explorer
to open a New Document in publishing programs like microsoft word

Ctrl + O- Open dialog box that allows you to select a file to open.

Ctrl + P-allows you to Print

Ctrl + S -allows you to Save

Ctrl + U- Add or remove Underline selected/highlighted text

Ctrl + V- to paste what you have copied with Ctrl+C

Ctrl + W - to close the document currently opened.

Ctrl + X- Cut, removes the selected/highlighted copy and places it on the clipboard.

Ctrl + Y- to redo last command .Pressing Ctrl + Y + Y + Y... allows multiple Redos

Ctrl + Z-to undo last command. Pressing Ctrl + Z + Z + Z... allows multiple Undos

Ctrl + Esc- to Open the Start menu (or you can use the Windows Key if you have one).

Ctrl + F4- to close a window in an application without closing the application.

Ctrl + F5- use to refresh the a web page by bypassing cache in Internet Explorer

Ctrl + Shift- to create a shortcut while dragging a file

Ctrl+ Shift +del- to enter the Task Manager

Ctrl + Tab- allows movement (toggle) from one open window to the next one in an application with more than one open window.


Windows Key + D-Minimizes all windows and shows the Desktop i.e to hide/display all windows

Windows Key + E- to open a new Explorer Window

Windows Key + F-to show "find all files" dialog box.

Windows Key + L-to lock Windows XP and Windows 7 computer. Logoff older versions of Windows .

Windows Key + M to minimizes open windows.

Windows Key + R- to display the Run command.-to enter command prompt, ping your ip,or edit system registry...

Windows Key + F1-to open the Windows help page.

Windows Key + Pause/Break-d isplays the Systems Properties dialog box.

Windows Key + Shift + M- to restore all previously opened windows to how they were before you minimized them.

F1 - Display Help
F2- Rename the selected item
F3-Search for a file or folder
F4- Display the Address bar list in Windows Explorer
F5 - Refresh the active window
F6 - Cycle through screen elements in a window or on the desktop
F10 - Activate the menu bar in the active program

The above listed Windows Shortcut commands are very useful in our day to day life,
Consistent usage of the shortcuts will make you remember them when you need them.
Hope this helps?

...Do you have more cool WINDOWS KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS? Why not submit them using the comments form below this post...

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