Recently, while working on my SMS website managed with Joomla Content Management System, I observed that mails could not be sent out, and new members were unable to receive the activation link in their mailbox. In my search to find a solution, I realised that the error message-"The mail() function has been disabled and the mail cannot be sent error in joomla" was beacuase the SMTP was wrongly configured. This is How I configured the SMTP for Joomla. Please Read On...

Configuring an SMTP server for Joomla and start sending out emails is extremely easy. You just need to enter the right SMTP settings and your outgoing server will be configured.

Remember however that if you use a normal SMTP server on Joomla – like the ones associated to Gmail or Hotmail – you will be always exposed to deliverability issues, especially if you're sending mass emails. Only a professional SMTP service will guarantee a full delivery rate, so if you plan to set up a newsletter campaign you should consider this option seriously.

Now here's how to configure an SMTP server on Joomla:
1. Enter your Joomla dashboard.
2. Click on "Site", "Global configuration".
3. Choose the server "Server" tab and find the "Mail settings" section:

SMTP settings for joomla

4. Fill the fields with the following information:
  • Mailer: SMTP Server
  • Mail from: your email account (the one from which you want to send emails)
  • From Name: your name or company name
  • Sendmail Path: /usr/bin/sendmail
  • SMTP Authentication: select Yes if you want to send it authenticated, No if you don't
  • SMTP Security: select the type of security (SSL or none)
  • SMTP Port: 25 or 465 (if you want to know more check our article about SMTP ports)
  • SMTP Username: your email address on the server's domain
  • SMTP Password: your password
  • SMTP Host: your SMTP hostname. If you don't know it, have a look at our handy list of the major SMTP host settings
That's all
After this,I tested it by signing up for new users within Joomla and monitored the email notifications sent to the administrators, and it was Ok

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That's it, you're done.

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