Do you want to restrict people from accessing your pc,or you have important documents or files that you don’t want people see or access.Today,I am going to show you how you can lock your pc with usb drive so that people would not access your pc without your permission..Let's go.

How To Lock Your Pc With Usb Drive

Predator is a software that can be used to lock your PC when you are away, even if your Windows session is still opened.It locks your pc with flash drive anytime you remove the usb drive and it unlocks your pc whenever you insert back the flash/usb drive.
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First Download the Predator

  • Install and run it on your pc.
  • You are to create a password, then click on OK and enter your desired password in the next screen.
  • Now connect the usb drive to your pc and create key on drive. Make sure you select the correct USB location.

Finally, click OK button at the top right corner and the software will exit.
Whenever you remove the usb drive, the pc will lock itself and will not unlock until you insert the usb drive.

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