I am very sure that you would have seen posters around you telling you to call a number or pay certain amount of money so that they can teach you how you can browse free on MTN Nigeria network.Today,i am glad to tell you that you don't need to pay anybody again, as you can do it on your own.You said HOW?,then read on...
Today,i want to tell you how you can browse free on MTN Nigeria using a

software called YOUR FREEDOM. For years, your-freedom has been working on Nigerian GSM networks including MTN, Glo,Etisalat,Multilinks and Airtel since the software is very easy to configure.With this software, it is easy to hide your IP address and at the same time break firewall.Isn't that interesting?

This is simple, totally free...just follow the steps below.

*click here
to go to your freedom site to and click on first visit?-under the login .Sign to register with your freedom and do not forget to check your mail to activate your account. THEN

*click here to download your-freedom. Make sure you download the latest version available.

(PLEASE NOTE that this settings works as at the time of writing this post- 4th September2011.Though i have been using it from 14th August2011

Now that you have created, activated your account,the next thing is the settings.
1.Install the software,
2.select your desired language and cancel the welcome message
3.Click on configure and input the following settings

* Address - www.mtnfootball.com
* Port - 80
* Connection Mode - HTTP or POST (POST works better at times)
* Tweak - None

Mark all boxes except USE SSL and AVOID USING DNS

Proxy Address: ems01.your-freedom.de OR
ems03.your-freedom.de      OR       ems11.your-freedom.de OR
ems19.your-freedom.de      OR        ems23.your-freedom.de

ProxyPort: 8080

4. Click on Account Information tab and enter your username and password.(THE ONE YOU USED TO REGISTER)

5. Click Save and Exit.This should take you back to the main window

6. Now click on Ports tab and check Socks 4/5 and Web Proxy

7. Now select the Status tab and click on Start Connection

If you enter the above settings correctly, and the network is good, you should get connected as the door icon will open.

The reason for this is that even if Your Freedom software is connected, you still won't be able to surf the internet if your browser proxy settings is wrong.
Launch Mozilla Firefox or the browser of your choice(but i personally prefer mozilla)

* Click on Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Settings.
* Select Manual Proxy Configuration
* Enter OR localhost for HTTP Proxy
* Enter 8080 for Port
* Check Use this proxy server for all protocols
* Click OK and save your settings

REMEMBER: Your pc must be connected to mtn modem or your mtn phone(gprs enabled).
CLICK HERE to learn how to use your phone as a modem CLICK HERE IF YOU USE WINDOWS XP

NOTE THAT: Though Your-Freedom is freeware, there are certain limitations as a free user. Your maximum connection time as a free user is limited to sixty minutes, meaning that you will be disconnected from your-freedom server after every 60 minutes & maximum daily connection time=6 hours.which=15 hours per week,and this is definitely not enough especially if you use the internet a lot. You can contact me if you want to upgrade to any of the other 3 packages available.

The packages are:

1.free- totally free, but you the connection time is 6hours and the bandwith is limited to 64kb/s
2.basic-costs (NGN 883.00 per month), connection time is unlimited and the bandwith is limited to 256kb/s
3.enhanced-this costs (NGN 2207.51 per month)connection time is unlimited bandwidth= 4Mb/s
4.ultimate costs (NGN 4412.80 per month, connection time is unlimited and bandwidth is unlimited

As you can see,all browsing packages are for different browsing speeds the free is completely free, all you need is to download, install and input your account then browse.

In my next post, i will discuss how you can browse free on MTN Nigeria using Privoxy on your PC

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