The National Examinations Council(NECO) has finally released the results of the 2011/2012 examinations held in June/July 2011. The Results can now be accessed from
the board’s official website using the new scratch cards from NECO.
To check your Result, follow the six(6) simple steps below.

1. Go to
2. Select year Examination Type
3. Select year of examination
4. Enter your card PIN number
5. Enter your Examination Number
6. Click on “Check My Result” button

Breakdown of the results shows that out of the 1,190,393 that registered for the

-English language, 1,160,049 actually sat for the examinations while only 2,119 or 0.18% came out with Distinction and 263,777 or 22.16% came out with Credit pass, 76,224 or 6.40% failed while there 51,312 malpractice or 4.31% was recorded.

- Mathematics, 1,190,365 registered for the subject while 1,156,561 sat for it with only 3,356 or 0.28% obtaining Distinction and 295,961 or 24.86% with credit, 7, 7,395 or 60.27% pass, 89,023 or 7.48% failed while 50,826 or 4.27% malpractice was recorded.

Core subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Further Mathematics also recorded mass failure with high degrees of malpractices also recorded.

Of the 1,190,393 candidates that registered for the examination, only 1,160561 actually sat for the examination.

Good Luck to you as you check your results.

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