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Sending Sms has been a daily activity of almost every mobile users.With sms you can convey your message to the recipient at a very fast rate and with less cost.

But sending sms can be costly in some countries, especially when you send a lot of sms and do sms chatting then your balance gets to zero within hours.
And if you are a facebook user, then here is an easy way for you to send free sms to your friends using your facebook account

How To send and receive sms for free from your facebook acccount
1. First of all go to this facebook app. http://apps.facebook.com/chatsms/
2. And If you are asked to allow the app to run , then click on allow.
Then you are good to go.

Now you can send free sms online and can also receive the reply sent.

To send sms:

Just go to the app.--choose the country where you want to send sms to--, input the phone number of receiver and click on “Send Sms”

A popup message will show the status of your message and either it is sent or not.

1.You can only send sms up to 100 characters , your name will be attached before the sms and a small advertisement will be attached after your sms.

For example, if you send “hello how are you?” from the app, then the actual sms received by your friend will be “Your name on fb: hello how are you? advertisements”

2.And there is also a limit for free sms per day. You can send only around 5 sms per day , and if you want to send more sms then you can recharge your account by paying with your paypal.

3.To receive sms :The sms sent will be delivered with singapore number , and if your friend reply the sms you can see the reply from the app. Just don’t close the app.,keep it running in your browser.
Hope this helps?
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Anonymous said... November 7, 2012 at 9:24 AM

how to cancel the timeline in fb??


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