Yesterday, I shared with you How to fix Windows 10 right click slow response. Here is the Link if you missed that. Some of our readers complained that the method did not work on their PC, this indicates shell extension 3rd is hindering the graphics of mouse pointer to work properly. Here you will have to take help of third party application because searching manually which shell extensions are troubling you is not an easy task. I will suggest you to Download ShellExView in Zip file How to Use ShellExView to Fix Right Click on Desktop Taking Too Long in Windows 10

  • After downloading the zip file extract it.
  • Make a double click on shellexview.exe file.
  • Confirm UAC Prompt by accepting through Yes option.
  • After then the file will take a little while to scan your System. A file will be accessed with a huge list of folders and file Extensions, class, and source and many other extensions. Scroll down your mouse and search whether which file is having pink color background.
  • Right click on the files having pink color background and choose Disable selected items.

Disable all the files having pink color background one by one. Restart Explorer or restart you Windows 10 PC.
I have fixed the issue of right click taking too long on my Windows 10 PC using this application. So I hope it will help you for sure. Let's hear from you

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