In recent days, I observed that the new installation of windows 10 on my PC has a bug; it takes between 15- 20 seconds anytime I do a right-click on the desktop, file or folder for the menu to open, despite the fact that I was sure I had no virus, and a well optimized system. I want to share with you how I solved this issue all for free. But wait a minute, Ensure you share this on social media platforms with your friends using the share links below this post. Now follow me:::: How to Fix Right Click on Desktop Taking Too Long in Windows 10

  • Type the phrase regedit on the Cortana search field and you will witness the Cortana bar being unfolded on the screen with a regedit as a final result. Click on it.

  • Click Yes when UAC is evoked on the screen. This action will fetch Registry Editor on your screen. Follow this path: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT => Directory => Background => shellex =>ContextMenuHandlers => NvCpIDesktopContext

  • All you need to do is to remove NvCpIDesktopContext. Right click on NvCpIDesktopContext and select Delete. If you are eager to know what it does then the answer is this key shows NVIDIA option on the context menu of the right click on your desktop.

This will remove this entry from the context menu. Now, do the same thing for the Intel Graphics card and Groove synchronization. When you see the caution message, click Yes button.

  • Get back to your desktop. Right-click and the commands will be flashed up within the blink of an eye.

  • Withdrawal of the graphics items from the context menu lessens the load of the context menu and also makes its easier and quicker to arrive on the screen whenever asked for. Try this and let us the results.

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