Often described as the grandmaster of data plans in Nigeria, Globacom Nigeria has silently reduced it’s data volume at same old price. Glo Nigeria for a long while now, has been offering the cheapest data plans in the country. Of course, this brought about a negative effect on the browsing speed experienced by customers. Unfortunately, the GSM operator has chosen to silently take a reverse. Before now, you could get 12GB for N3000. However, for same N3000, users will get just 6GB. And for N8000, glo users are only offered 16GB. That’s a huge difference you know?
Here is the complete list of the new data volume

Glo Nigeria New Monthly Data Plans

Old prices still remains. Data plans have however, been (largely) reduced.

Etisalat remains the most expensive data network. On Etisalat, N1,000 will get you just 1 GB. But perhaps that tariff will translate into a faster, smoother experience? Only Etisalat internet subscribers can confirm that.

Anyway, the Glo data honeymoon is over now. At least, the tariff icing on the cake is gone. Perhaps Glo 4G will remain as rock steady as it has been before now. As a matter of fact, chances are that it will. With the new Glo data volumes, fewer subscribers will be enticed to get on the network, especially the 4G plans, seeing how difficult it is to come across smartphones supporting their 4G LTE network. I still won’t bet on Glo 3G for reliability.

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