Hi, without wasting time, I will be sharing on how I was able to view the page source on right click disabled sites. The quest for this started when I visited a friend's blog to know the background song being played, and I could not view the page source cos the site was right click disabled. This made me to search google.com, and here are some of the ways I used to view the page source. I am sure you too will need it too. Just follow me;

 How to get page source on right click disabled sites

 1. Try Firefox - 90% of the time, the script only works in IE.

 2. Try Opera - 99% of the time, the script only work in IE and Fx.

 3. Save the page and view the source locally (already suggested).

 4. View the source from your temporary Internet files.

 5. Use the browser menu (View --> Page Source or View --> Source).

 6. Use a site ripper and download the whole site.

 7. Disable JavaScript - this works in IE, requiring you to disable "active scripting" through your security settings. In Firefox, it's in Tools --> Options --> Content (tab), and in Opera, you simply press F12 and uncheck JavaScript.

 From my experience, #7 is most effective method. Disable Right Click scripts are doo-doo - they only encourage people to break them, and in disabling right click, they prevent other important GUI functions from taking place as well.

 That's all

 Don't forget to share this, and if you know other methods, kindly share with us using the comment form below

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