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Lately I observed that most network providers over the last year have tried to come up with android plans as requested by android users but even at that, the android plans which the network providers are rolling out are expensive compared to blackberry internet plans. Etisalat NG has now followed the Airtel NG by introducing an Android Data Bundle.

Though this plan is not even better the Glo Overload data plan of 4.5GB for N2,500, but the good news is that it will give Android users more options to opt for in their quest for data and make them go after the network with the good data coverage in their locality

How to subscribe to Etisalat Android Plan 2GB for 2000 

1. Recharge N2000 naira on your etisalat SIM
2. Dial *229*2*8#
3. You will be given 2GB of data which can be use on ANY device (iPhone, BB10, Windows phone, Tablet and PC)

The new plan which gives 2GB for just 2000 naira is currently the cheapest data plan from etisalat as even the SME Data for 1GB costs 1200 and 2GB cost 2400, so you will save 400 Naira.

To know more about other etisalt data plans, dial  Dial *200# and press 3

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