My previous post talked about how you can secure your Microsoft office 2010 documents, and i have received mails from many people asking me to tell them how they can secure their documents on MS 2007; and this made me to decide to write on the topic again..
This tutorial is meant for those who are worried about sensitive/personal data in their Microsoft Office Document, and those that have to store documents on a shared location, such as a network folder or home computer.

Documents to be stored on a network folder or home computer can be encrypted and kept secured

1. To encrypt your MS document, click on the Microsoft Office Button in the upper left hand corner.
2. select Prepare from the left-hand menu and then choose Encrypt Document.

3. In the Encrypt Document dialog window type in your password for this document

4.Then enter your password again for verification and click OK.
NOTE THAT: You will not receive any type of confirmation message, this window will simply disappear

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In my next post, i will teach you how you can make and use prov file on your s40 phones.

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