OAU student delivers baby in toilet
A female student of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife (names withheld), on Wednesday morning, gave birth to a baby in a toilet in the Moremi female hostel . There were, however, unconfirmed reports that the lady allegedly attempted to flush her new born baby into the water closet in the toilet.

Sources informed us yesterday, at the popular Moremi Hall within the campus. In one of the reports gathered by us, the young mother, who is in her late 20s, a student of Agricultural Extension Department, Faculty of Agriculture in the institution, was allegedly
caught by one of the cleaners, who raised the alarm when she noticed thick blood streaming down the sewer. Another source hinted that the student may not have deliberately wanted to flush the baby, but felt like defecating when the new born baby suddenly gushed out from her virgina into the water closet.

One of the sources also said students of the institution expressed shock over what could have prompted the student to commit such an act. However, as of the time of filing this report, the student and the baby had been taken to the health centre of the institution, where they are currently receiving medical treatment. Official of he Institution are on top of the situation at the time of filing this report...

Th main essence of posting this is to let us know that: 1. let's not engage in immoralities, say no to your partner, sex is not love, and love is not sex
2.There is no need of pointing accusing fingers on the lady.. remember--"For all have sinned..."Let's not judge, anything could have been responsible for this action
3. I decided to write this post here on my blog, to express my view, and to tell the whole world the way the issue is(as i am a student of the said institution...there are many versions of this same story online-Linda ynaija, tribune.and even of nairaland.also nairaland bloggers, changing content just to get traffic...Here is the truth...Let's not curse the girl, let's not condemn her... 4. Finally, it seems everybody has forgotten something... and that is ==How dd she get pregnant?(pregnancy doesnt jump on to people)--What could have happened? was she raped? was this as a result of her weakness? or she was not smart enough??.. nobody is interested in knowing the guy who deposited the baby into her.
But, come to think of it, If the flushing issue is really true, then why carrying the foetus for 9 months?
Kindly drop your comments below, let me know your view please...? NOTE: The use of abusive/negative words is not allowed on this blog

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