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I wont bore you with long story; straight to the point. Today, you will learn how you can tweak MTN Nigeria service provider to call other networks at the same amount you call MTN-to-MTN.Thus, calling other networks will attract the same anount you are chrged for MTN-MTN calls.
Another good side of it is that you can call others network with MTN bonus and even on Zone plan, MTN will charge the same rate; ranging from 4kb, 8kb, 12kb, 16kb, 20kb or 24kb. You can also use this tip to call others network on free call.
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Whenever you want to call Other Networks with your MTN Line, just add #555 at the end of the number you wish to call.

E.g. Let say you wish to call an Airtel Number 07081366488.
What you have to do is to add #555 after this Number.
That is to say it will look like: 07081366488#555
Then click send and you are good  to enjoy same ratet they charge for MTN-to-MTN

No more calling other networks with high or special rate, just test that simple code above and you will be surprised that it will trick MTN Network  to deduct the same amount they charge for MTN-to-MTN similar to other network you called.

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 Whenever you want to call other network with your MTN line, just add 1111, *555* or 7777 number at the end of the number that you want to call.

Let say you want to call an airtel number 07081366488. all you have to do is add 1111, 7777 or *555* after that number.
it will look
 070813664887777 OR
070813664881111  OR

Hope this works for you?
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